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fresh mushrooms

our offer fresh mushrooms

2200 tons

As a group, we are able to offer over 2,200 tons of fresh mushrooms per month.


We always provide our customers with timely deliveries and consistent high quality.


We have no secrets. We invite all customers to talk, we will gladly show our modern production plants.


Continuous monitoring of production and external certification means that our mushrooms are always fresh, healthy and safe.

fruiting bodies

We offer white and brown sporocarps of various calibrations and quality classes.


All our mushrooms are always chilled immediately after harvest. The group has the option of vacuum cooling the mushroom, which significantly extends its freshness on store shelves.


We also offer mushrooms washed and cut into slices, packed in various types of packaging (plastic bags, trays, boxes, depending on the customers' needs).


We are able to adapt to the desired size of mushrooms and the type of packaging that a potential recipient will request.

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In addition to traditional 3 kg plastic boxes and trays in various colors, we also offer new, exclusive cardboard packaging with information on the nutritional value of mushrooms.

Plastic cups

with a capacity - 250g, 350g, 400g, 500g, 600g, 800g, 1kg.

Plastic boxes

in two colors - blue and black, the capacity of a plastic box is max. 3 kg.

Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes are distinguished by an attractive appearance, in which mushrooms with untrimmed roots look great.

Collective cardboard packaging

in cartons we can put plastic cups of any color and capacity.

Cartons of Mushroom Paradise

intended for exclusive chain stores and the most demanding customers. Bulk packaging contains information about the nutritional value of mushrooms, the content of vitamins and mineral salts. There are old engravings showing the preparation of mushroom dishes.