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about us

The idea of ​​Mushroom Paradise is to provide a wide range of top-quality mushrooms for sale directly from our plants.

We personally supervise growing cycles, we are responsible for the quality and safety of our products.

You won't find goods from external suppliers in the offer.


we are a Polish company founded in 2009

Eastern Poland

whose shareholders are mushroom producers from Siedlce


the total crop area is over 87,000m 2

2200 tons

2,200 tonnes of yield is over 2,200 tonnes of fresh mushrooms per month

European market

The position of one of the leaders in mushroom growing in Poland provides us with the possibility of constant supplies and the implementation of large long-term contracts throughout the entire calendar year.

Our mushrooms have been
on the tables of almost all of Europe,
including the domestic market and to:

Great Britain   Netherlands

France   Greece

Romania   Belarus

Italy   Germany


our technology

Our mushrooms grow in one of the largest and more modern baking facilities in Poland

All crops are carried out in specialized halls.

Climate control systems have the ability to cool, heat, dry and humidify air in the cultivated hall.

Our mushrooms grow in one of the largest and most modern baking facilities in Poland.

Many years of experience and technical capabilities allow

for driving crops characterized by high quality

and safety of cultivated mushrooms.

We have a modern distribution center equipped with cold stores, fast cooling shokers, cooling vacum and fully automated lines for packing and cutting mushrooms.


All arable facilities are located in rural areas away from large industrial centers ensuring the naturalness and safety of our products.

Mushrooms are grown, transported, packaged and stored in accordance with the requirements of food safety systems.


To constantly provide the highest standards of the final product our company does not buy mushrooms from external producers focusing on its own production. Thanks to this, we avoid multiple reloading of goods, which translates into better quality of mushrooms.

From the moment of harvesting fruiting bodies to mushrooms until delivery of the product to our customers we provide uninterruptedcold chain“, which significantly increases product safety and durability.

Mushrooms immediately after harvesting go to the vacuum cooling chambers, where within 15 minutes the temperature inside the fruiting bodies drops to 2 degrees Celsius.

The mushrooms then go to the cold store where they are awaiting sale in a controlled low temperature.


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