Our company was founded in 2010 uniting button mushroom producers from the Siedlce area. The total cultivation area amounts to 51000 square meters. The size of the cultivation area allows us to provide constant supply and realization of major long-term contracts within the calendar year.

Our policy is to provide a wide sale offer of the highest quality fresh button mushrooms straight from the producers.


Our mushrooms grow in modern button mushroom facilities. All the crops are cultivated on the phase III substrate. The fruiting bodies of the button mushrooms grow in a computer regulated microclimate, ensuring the best quality results. Ventilation systems inside the cultivation hall have air cooling, heating, drying, moistening options to provide optimal stable conditions for the fresh button mushroom growth.


All of our production facilities are situated on the upland of Siedlce among rural areas, away from big industrial centres, ensuring naturalness and safety of the button mushrooms. The mushroom farms of our members hold GlobalGAP and HACCP certificates.


To provide the highest standards of the final product we do not buy button mushrooms from external producers, but we concentrate on our own production instead. Thanks to that we can avoid multiple handling of the merchandise, what results in higher quality of the button mushrooms.

All the production facilities have refrigerating rooms. After harvesting, button mushrooms go directly into vacuum cooling chambers where the temperature inside the fruiting body drops to 2 degrees Celsius within 15 minutes. Then mushrooms are transported to a cold store where in controlled temperature they await the sale. Maintaining the so called "cooling chain" from harvest till shipment to our Clients significantly prolongs high commercial quality of our products.

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