As a group we are able to provide approximately 1100 tons of fresh button mushrooms a week. In our offer one can find white and brown fruiting bodies of different calibration and quality classes. We always guarantee prompt shipment and stable high quality.

We do not hold any secrets. We invite our customers to talk to us, we will be glad to show you our modern production facilities. Constant monitoring of production process and external certification are the reasons why our button mushrooms are always fresh, healthy and safe. We are able to adjust to the desired size of the button mushrooms and the type of packaging required by the customer. Apart from traditional 3kg plastic crates and blue trays we also have on offer an exclusive new type of cardboard containers with information about the nutritional value of the button mushrooms.

Our offer includes washed and sliced mushrooms packed in various types of packages (plastic bags, trays, boxes, depending on the customer demands).

All our mushrooms are cooled immediately after harvest. Our group can vacuum cool the button mushrooms, significantly prolonging their quality on the shop shelves.


Plastic packaging (black crate), up to 3kg. Currently the most economical method of button mushroom packaging.

Plastic packaging (blue crate) , up to 3kg. Blue colour of the crate provides a great contrast with the natural white of the fruiting bodies of the button mushrooms, increasing market attractiveness of the product.

Blue or black trays 250-500 grams packed into a plastic collective package. The trays can be plastic foiled and taped with an information label on demand.

Cardboard packaging intended for exclusive chain stores. In the collective package there are 6 individual packagings. Every packaging contains 750 grams of button mushrooms. The collective packaging contains information on the nutritional value of the button mushrooms, the vitamin and mineral salt content. The packages are decorated with old drawings depicting preparation of the dishes using button mushrooms.

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